How to reduce operational costs in restaurants with a chatbot

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January 14, 2023
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How to reduce operational costs in restaurants with a chatbot

With a chatbot, restaurants can provide an end-to-end contactless dining experience to customers. Diners can access the itemised menu, view daily specials, offers and videos, place orders, and make payments – all without the need for human contact. They can also receive automated status updates and alerts when their order is ready.

Can I use chatbot for free?

Qualify leads, book meetings, support customers, and more — all with chatbots. Start using website chatbots for free.

Let’s say that according to your data you know a family who likes to order food in your restaurant on some Friday nights. Wouldn’t it be convenient if the chatbot could send a promotional message on Fridays to that family? It would result in a high probability that the family will choose your food instead of something else. Chatbots also create valuable information about your customers.

Advantages of using a chatbot in a restaurant

Since customers have a wide selection of payment alternatives for their orders, all of which are entirely safe and contactless, the process guarantees an improved customer experience overall. Each consumer is unique, and they want restaurants and hotels to recognize and cater to these distinctions. Chatbots learn about customers’ preferences and provide customized suggestions based on their interactions. Chatbots also suggest new meals and beverages that complement their chosen meal. This feature always makes customers happy because it shows a stronger sense of customer awareness, which makes them more likely to come back. It’s important to understand that a chatbot is not a feature, but a full-fledged solution that can help in various ways.

They reach the landing page, go to the menu, take their time to read through the menu, see the item images, read the descriptions, check what others have to say about your restaurant. A lot of these small things work together to complete the purchase. This makes the entire process a very different kind of experience.

Restaurant table reservation template

Gartner predicts that by 2020, a whopping 85 percent of enterprise-customer relationships will be managed without human interactions. Surveys show that 89 percent of consumers opt to engage with businesses through text and 64 percent of consumers that communicate with businesses via text leave with a positive impression. New tool for non-developers- Our Flow Bot Builder helps users create their bot messaging flow with a graphical editor. Industry giants like Pizza Hut, KFC, Dominos, Starbucks and McDonald’s have already adopted AI-driven bots. It can also be seamlessly integrated with enterprise backends with its point and click interface.

  • They can assist both your website visitors on your site and your Facebook followers on the platform.
  • If you feel like it, you can also create separate buttons to change the number and the address to avoid having to re-enter both when only one needs changing.
  • For people outside of the 20%, it could be far less frequent, or only slightly less frequent.
  • The bot will take care of these requests and make sure you’re not overbooked.
  • Some restaurants allow customers to book tables in advance, while others operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • According to aresearch of 3,200 consumers, 46% expect companies to respond faster than 4 hours.

Restaurant bots can be easily integrated with platforms and apps like like Facebook Messenger, Google My Business or on your website. This feature is important for any social-network centered business strategy. When the human factor is not relevant, the chatbot utilization for restaurants works and, in some cases, brings even better results than human teams. We understand how small businesses run on tight budgets so you can even start with one feature and keep adding. With each additional feature in the chatbot, you’ll be able to save more money and run your business better. Note – Due to the relevance, we’re only discussing AI powered chatbots and not robotic chatbots, as for a small business, the former technologies are most affordable and beneficial.

Basic Support Automation

This could be the case for people having private business meetings, or just a couple who don’t want to be disturbed! By giving your customers more options, you are showing that you care about their individual experience. Chatbots can be utilized to help customers book a table at your restaurant. This can be done through a chatbot on your restaurant website, where a customer may have looked you up and browsed your menu before deciding to book. For example, chatbots can be integrated with Facebook Messenger to allow customers to book a table directly from Facebook.

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They need to form memories with your company and have an emotional response to interacting with your company, even if that response is simply “that’s a friendly bot”. When they form memories, they will be more likely to come back for more to keep having positive experiences. Now you can enable interactive messages and also you can add your custom page after bot installation on Slack.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Advance Business Process Management?

We will be using AJAX for asynchronous transfer of chatbot for restaurant i.e you won’t have to reload your webpage every time you send an input to the model. In our dataset.json we have already kept a list of responses for some of the intents, in case of these intents, we just randomly choose the responses from the list. I made a small dataset, with a few example messages for each of the 18 intents.

For example, promote a brand, generate leads, and boost sales by providing round-the-clock customer service. And restaurant chatbots can be a valuable resource because of several advantages they bring that are not limited to their ability to work 24/7. AI chatbots can learn at a fast pace through deep learning and improve substantially your users’ experience. Food orders can be merged with the functions of food delivery chatbots, in order to supervise any step of the process, from checkout to the eventual delivery in the hand of your customers. Family restaurant owners can delegate the bot to manage their Facebook campaigns and save time a money.

Normalising messages

Facebook Messenger has become an important business channel for many restaurants and food shops. Since it is possible to keep in touch with customers and deliver them offers, promotions, and other contents that are relevant for your audience in real-time. With the emergence of machine learning technologies, these have become self-learning and smart bots that can solve business problems. This also includes the ability to modify their drink order, as if they were speaking with a barista in real life.

  • AI can easily profile your customers and discover their hidden preferences and desires, in order to craft personalized offers and ads.
  • They can also show the restaurant opening hours, take reservations, and much more.
  • Chatfuel offers the tools that will allow you to deliver instant rewarding, seamless customer experiences.
  • A more advanced option is a chatbot that is programmed to give specific solutions to the customer when certain buzz words are hit.
  • Haptik’s chatbots performed more than 7 billion conversations.
  • We understand how small businesses run on tight budgets so you can even start with one feature and keep adding.

Plus, a restaurant chatbot eliminates human errors, ensuring that all orders are 100% accurate. A restaurant chatbot simplifies and speeds up both table service and takeaways, thus minimising wait times and frustration for customers. Restaurants can also take advantage of a restaurant chatbot to ask patrons for feedback, and gather information about them to deliver customised service and improved experiences.

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Restaurant chatbots can automate almost the whole process of reservation. Chatbot reservations are probably the most common use of this technology in the field of food and beverage. There are several advantages that these virtual assistants can bring to your restaurant.


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