Reasons for Certificate suspending

Management system Certificate can be suspended to Auditee following these facts:
  • Result of surveillance/short-notice surveillance audit
  • Non-elimination of serious nonconformities within agreed term (max 60 days) discovered during surveillance/short-notice surveillance audit
  • Non-allowance of surveillance audit performance within the term according to Certification Agreement
  • Non-allowance of short-notice surveillance audit performance
  • Breaking of information duty – in communication of changes, which essentially influence management system function
  • Misuse of TSI.. Certificate or certification mark
  • Non-performance of any obligation against certification body – not even within 30 days after the fulfilling term
Procedure of Certificate suspending

The Director of Certification Body shall decide about Certificate suspending by issue of „Decision on Certificate suspending", where he specifies the requirements for Certificate renovation achievement. This decision is delivered to Auditee and this information is published on TSI..  web page. Certified organization has no right to use TSI.. Certificate and certification mark nor to refer to certification during Certificate suspending.
Maximum term for Certificate suspending is 60 days. If the reason for Certificate suspending continues also after the expiration of mentioned term, Certification Body is obligatory to withdraw the Certificate definitely.
Procedure for renovation of suspended Certificate If requirements specified in Decision on Certificate suspending were fulfilled within appointed time, the Director of Certification Body shall issue „Decision on Certificate renovation". This decision is delivered to Auditee and this fact is published on TSI.. web page.

Reasons for Certificate withdrawal

Management system Certificate withdrawal can be executed following these fact:
  • The reason for Certificate suspending was not eliminated within appointed time 60 days
  • Determination that Auditee used Certificate or referred to it during the Certificate suspending time
  • Assets of customer is in bankrupt or the bankruptcy proceeding was rejected or stopped because of lack of assets or a petition for bankruptcy was not filed propter the assets is insufficient for the payment of preliminary administrator expenses
  • Auditee request
Procedure for Certificate withdrawal
Following the confirmed determinations the Director of Certification Body shall issue the „Decision on Certificate withdrawal". This decision is delivered to Auditee and this fact is published on tsi.. web page