ISO Certification

ISO originated from the union of two organizations – the ISO (International Federation of the National Standardizing Associations) and the UNSCC (United Nations Standard Coordinating Committee). In 1946 over 25 countries met at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London to create a new international organization, where the objective was to ‘facilitate the international coordination and unification of industrial standards’ From this the new organization ISO began operations in February 1947. The word ISO is derived from the Greek ISOS meaning ‘equal’. As the International Organization for Standardization would translate differently across different languages it was decided that the short form name for the organization would be ISO. Today the ISO has grown to a confederation of delegates representing over 150 countries and has published over 16,500 international standards. They meet on a regular basis to further develop new and existing management standards.

Benefits of Certification

Each standard supports its own benefits within every industry, however the common benefits across the certifications include: widened market potential, compliance to procurement tenders, improved efficiency and cost savings, higher level of customer service, and therefore satisfaction, and heightened staff moral and motivation. By having a recognized management standard it tells your customers that you are serious about their needs. • ISO standards help you discover best business practices. • ISO standards drive efficiency in your business operations. • ISO standards enhance marketing and branding of your organization. • It increases financial profits by gaining market trust. • It meets the concerns of interested parties and legal requirements fulfillment. • It demonstrates the management commitment towards protection for health & Safety of the staff, plants and property. • It definitely gives more trust to your customers and stake holders to do business with you. • ISO standards add credibility and confidence for your clients. • ISO standards make your brand name internationally recognized. • ISO standards improve efficiency and reduce accidents and production time loss. About the Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015 what does it mean? Well to give it its full title take a look below: BS = British Standard, EN = Norme Européenne /Europäische Norm, (European Standard) ISO = International Organization for Standardization, 9001 = The standard's number e.g. 9001 2015 = date of publication and revision year e.g. 2015