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Management is the heart point of an industry. Due to lack of knowledge about management many organizations cannot manage their organization effectively. So, they are failed to extend their product/service’s market worldwide. ISO Certification is a good guideline to develop your management. It shows how to develop your management in different processes inside your organization. So, worldwide popularity of ISO standards is growing very rapidly. We are trying to create awareness among the business owners to develop their management system. ISO Certification is the good tool for developing any organization’s management system. We hope our effort for ISO certification services will help manufacturers, service providers and traders to develop their management system. It will ensure more sales and revenue in the domestic and international market. We are providing certificate in management system, Product and trainings. Our certification process is easier and much cheaper than any other certification body. So, we hope SME organizations that are eager and struggling to develop their management system will be benefited from our ISO certification.

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A management system describes the set of procedures an organization needs to follow in order to meet its objectives. In some small organizations, there may not be an official system, just "our way of doing things” that is mostly kept in the heads of the staff.

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A Personnel Certification Body is an organization that administers individual credentials. A personnel certification body develops criteria against which an individual needs to demonstrate competencies and ensures these criteria are held by applicants before certifying them.

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  • Emile Albert Lloyds
    I highly recommend TSI.. to any small-medium sized company in need of an ISO certifying body. I have worked with TSI.. staff for a number of years in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environments and found them to be very thorough, supportive, and highly professional.
    Emile Albert Lloyds
  • Rotimi Oke
    We choose TSI.. as our certification body because we trust their professionalism in managing any quality management system. Hence, their reputable name helps us to enhance our position in the market locally and internationally. We value the relationship with TSI.. and we continue to be satisfied with their courteous service.
    Rotimi Oke
  • Mr. S. Winkelhausen
    As long-term customer, we are fully satisfied with the services provided by TSI..
    Mr. S. Winkelhausen
  • Mr. N. Kragic
    We are very satisfied with the services. The administration and information is very good. Audit and recertification is carried out professionally. The hints are helpful. Inquiries will be answered immediately.
    Mr. N. Kragic
    Clinic management
  • Alina Novikova
    Since we engaged TSI.. for ISO 9001:2015 certification, our business process flow are identified and recorded properly. [They] provided us with effective ways to realize this process. We were fully satisfied with their services, and our process improvement continues to be adopted from time to time.
    Alina Novikova
  • Head of Quality, environment & safety
    Pleasant constructive cooperation (certification audit and medical device audits) Training is practice-oriented.
    Head of Quality, environment & safety