About us

TSI.. Technical Standards Institute Sweden was established by Mr. Clare in the year 2013. TSI.. Certification Body is impartial, Independent certification Body providing Certification of Management systems, Inspection, Testing, Product & Personnel certification. Our focus is to deliver best Certification service that pay a return on investment to our clients and we help our clients to improve their process and save their cost by eliminating errors.

Why Choose Our Services

With rich industry experience and global customers base, "TSI..” is the right size to provide you with the deep partnership you need to realize your business and technology goals. It starts with making your goals our goals and ends with an inventive and flexible solution for your most pressing challenges. As an organization fully committed to helping Clients work towards their vision for the future, we offer a free evaluation and a gap analysis for our prospective clients. Through our determined focus on quality management solutions, Software solutions & training programs, we have marked our way to success in our services and have won the confidence of our clients present across various industry Verticals.

Our Process


TSI.. Professionals are highly trained in the most current products and procedures.
TSI.. training managers conduct on-site and off-site training for specialized requirements based on projects. We help our clients to achieve their ISO Certificate by providing effective ISO Standard awareness training and train their staff to know deep about the requirement of ISO Standard and make their ISO Certification Journey smooth and simple.


Your personal account manager will regularly meet with you to conduct Quality Performance Review Surveys to guarantee your satisfaction. We conduct a consolidated review at the highest level, so you are assured of consistent quality service. You receive customized reporting as part of our comprehensive program management. Additionally, our System Call Response System provides fast, knowledgeable answers to your questions.

Our Obligation

We have obligations towards clients from the moment when there is mutual agreement, even if an engagement letter has not been executed or if the engagement letter is executed in a later date to formalize the agreement reached. We believe that it is important to clearly define the scope of our relationship with the client, what is it that the client expects form us, what services did we agree to render and under which conditions. For this reason, the members of the TSI.. must propose our clients a professional relationship and as the adequate means to establish the terms and conditions of our representation. In any case, our obligations are exclusively towards the client Any questions or thoughts? We are always happy to help out!

As certification body (CB) , TSI.. has the following business objectives among others:

  • To provide training and accredited certification services (Certificate of Registration) for management systems based on ISO standards like Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, Food Safety, Information Security, Energy , Business Continuity Management etc to business enterprises.
  • To provide training on industry specific accreditation standards like laboratories, healthcare units , educational institutions etc.
  • To provide training & independent certification services (Certificate of Compliance) based on audits / inspections/ assessments on request by organizations or industries for management systems based on ISO standards , products , personnel based on national / international standards or business frameworks
  • To provide independent certificate courses / training to individuals leading to skill building for their career, self employment and/or entrepreneurship.



Ensuring the objectivity of its management system certification activities & enabling sustainable business growth.


The Best Choice for Training & Certification to achieve operational excellence, enhancement of customer satisfaction and continual improvement.


We are committed to serve our customers by way of training initiatives and audit processes which are meaningful, with focus on:
  • Organizing Systems
  • Developing People
  • Conformance to Standards
  • Sustaining Business Growth
We shall continue to serve our customers in all industrial sectors across the globe with a motto "Reach Customers - Serve Customers". "We enable sustainable business growth of business enterprises using national / internal standards"


We are driven by values which direct us in our decision making and efforts.
  • Happiness It is a state of mind in which operate
  • Excellence It is a habit for us and we strive to Excel
  • Achievements It is must for us to sustain our growth
  • Learning It is way of life for us
  • Trust It is our reflection
  • Hard Work It is the KEY driver each one of us